Things that go bump in the night could be many things

Things that go bump in the night

by Inez McCollum

“Things that go bump in the night” is a much used term from a now infamous trial. That was a new expression to me; but I have found it to describe several events in my life.

coke bottle

When soft drink makers changed from deposit bottles to disposable, we found that the bottles were less durable. We lived in an apartment in Homewood at the time. Our back door had a louvered glass window. A neighbor had a prowler late one night; so our nerves were on edge. In the middle of another night there was a loud sound followed by breaking glass in the kitchen. We were certain there was an intruder. However, the culprit was a cola which had exploded. Everything in the kitchen was splattered with cola and broken glass.

There is a bi-fold door from our family room to the foyer. We had a cat that could open that door from either side. The first time this squeaking sound occurred, I listened for more sounds; but discovered it was Smokie, our beloved cat.


A couple of years ago, the sliding closet door in my bedroom slid open one morning before dawn. I remained very still; but heard no footsteps. Later in the morning, I learned about the earthquake in Fort Payne, AL which was felt all the way to Birmingham.

My front and back doorbells have the same tone. Late one night the bell rang. I checked the front and back doors but no one was there. The next day, I found paw marks on the back door. Apparently a raccoon was attempting to get to some bird feeders in the window next to the door and hit the doorbell. I now ignore the late night ring. Hopefully a two legged being will knock on the door, if I don’t appear; or better yet, wait until daytime to come calling.


My latest bump in the night could have broken some bones. I had not yet gotten into bed when I heard a thud, bump, roll sound. My son, who lives downstairs came to check that one. As I looked up, I discovered that the lead-crystal cover on the light over the bed had fallen. It hit the bed with a thud, bumped onto the floor and rolled under the bed. My son later installed a new light fixture and I now sleep on the opposite side of the bed.

You probably heard some bumps in the night. Just be alert, keep your cool, and hold onto the ammunition!

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