Are you nostalgic for the 1950s? Then you must see this film from 1957!

You can see the Formica table tops, tail fins on cars, gigantic household appliances, supermarkets, beehive hairstyles and a thousand and one other visual manifestations of that era!

From 1950s maternity clothes, outdoor shopping centers, red-checkered picnic tables, carpet sweeper; roller coasters to a  child eating cake batter off of electric mixer blades: it is all included in this treasure made in 1957 as an advertisement for Redbook magazine of life in the suburbs. If you lived in the late 1950s, you have to see this!

Three complete historical novels for $11.97! Tapestry of Love Historical Series 2nd edition 2015 –Court records dating back to the 1630s create historical accuracy as the reader is taken back to the primitive days of colonial Virginia and Maryland where the Pattendens encounter life-changing difficulties with Indians, ducking stools, illness, massacres, death, loneliness, love, and greed.


FreeHearts: 2nd edition A Novel of Colonial America (Tapestry of Love Series Book 3) Inspired by true events, Col. John Washington (ancestor of President George Washington), Randall Revell, Tom Cottingham, Edmund Beauchamp ward off Indian attacks and conquer the wilds of Maryland’s Eastern shore in 17th century colonial America in this historical novel.